The Most Popular Styles of Beanies and Toques: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Who doesn’t love a good beanie / toque? Throw one on and not only are you warmer, but you’ve instantly upped the ante for your fall style. Add a full-color logo and custom design, and you up the ante even more. A perfect fit for sports teams, school fundraisers and businesses.

Not sure which to choose? No worries. We’ve demystified the three most popular styles. And the bonus? All of our custom beanies / toques produce the same one-for-one donation as our custom socks!

The Three Most Popular Styles of Beanie / Toque


Classic Cuffed
A traditional, no-frills style everyone can agree on.


Modern and versatile. Wear it low, or try it above the ears for a “slouched” look.


The Pom-Pom
Make a statement and show some serious spirit.

Three choices- which will you pick to get a jump start on fall style? Contact us to start your order.