Fundraising Tips

  1. Emphasize the cause.  Tell your customers how their contribution will help you out….and if there’s a secondary benefit (like socks for the homeless), emphasize that too!
  2. Unique wins.  Find something that sets you apart from the crowd – you are competing for people’s discretionary income and you don’t want to be seen as “just another” organization.  Selling is difficult – give your fundraisers a product that will be easy to sell.
  3. Go social. More people than you realize are probably following you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Use these easy tools to get your fundraising message out to a big audience.
  4. Start early.  Running a fundraiser is an involved process that will require the efforts of many people, most of whom have a “day job” already.  Give everyone involved plenty of time to get ready.
  5. Create incentives.  Offer prizes to the people who sell the most items, or all those who pass a threshold.
  6. Make it reasonable. If you won’t buy a chocolate bar for $6.00 or wrapping paper for $15.00, then don’t expect your potential patrons to spend that in support of your organization.  Our suggested selling prices will allow you to generate significant revenue for your organization while still giving a fair, non-inflated price to your customers.
  7. Know what to say.  It’s hard to talk to strangers and harder to ask them for money – give your sellers a script to work from.
  8. Remember to smile!

If you choose Your City Sports as a supplier for your fundraiser, we will help promote your event through our social media feeds, and we can provide you with printable ordering and recording sheets.