Trying to raise funds for this year’s graduation? Your school’s athletic team? Need a cool new Student Council fundraiser for the year? Look no further!! Your City Sports offers dozens of varieties of custom apparel to raise money in a fun and exciting way!

We’ve all seen the same fundraisers… selling chocolate bars door-to-door, selling cookie dough to co-workers and relatives, the list goes on and on.  But with those fundraisers, you make a few bucks and the recipient gets something to snack on for a bit, and that’s about it.  With Your City Sports, you can raise money by selling a great product in a way that makes it fun for students, promotes school spirit, and benefits your community at the same time.  For every item sold, Your City Sports donates a new pair of excellent quality socks on your behalf to a homeless charity in your community. This can be done by Your City Sports staff or as a service project for your students or organization.

A Better Way to Fundraise

Design custom apparel for your school or organization! Why should you choose Your City Sports?

  • Short Lead Times
  • High Quality Products
  • Great Prices
  • Excellent Customer Service

Plus, for every item purchased, a pair of socks is donated to the homeless in your community!  Your fundraiser customers will be thrilled to benefit their community in two different ways with a single, reasonably-priced purchase.

Before you start, be sure to read our Fundraising Tips page for extra info and advice.