The Intrinsic Responsibility of Being a High School Athlete

A high school athlete: early morning practices, running till you can’t feel your legs, suiting up for the big game, the chill you feel when you hear the cheers of your community.

A high school athlete: a positive role model, a volunteer for everything, mentor to young athletes, understands the level of responsibility they uphold in the community.

A high school athlete encompasses all of these things. The difference between these two lists is we tend to only give recognition to the game winning basket at Friday night’s game- when really there is so much more to acknowledge them for.

Cristian, our latest Athlete Profile, speaks about his love for the game and how he takes initiative in the intrinsic responsibility of being a high school athlete- to give back to other young athletes within the community.

When did your love for the game of basketball begin?

I’ve always loved basketball ever since I was a little kid. My first basketball experience I ever remember was playing YMCA fall league with my parents as coaches.

Is there a level of responsibility that comes with being a high school athlete?

As a high school athlete, what you do on the court really reflects your character. Almost everyone in the crowd knows who you are, and your behavior on the court influences what they think of you. Little kids also look up to high school players and try and mimic their actions and behaviors both on and off the court. As a high school athlete you have the responsibility to behave yourself at all times for the sake of not only your reputation, but also so that the kids who look up to you learn only good habits from you.

How do you make a point to give back to younger athletes?

Every opportunity I get to volunteer at a children’s basketball camp I take. It’s super fun to try and pass your skills/knowledge on to the next generation of hoopers, and it’s really a refreshing break from all of the crazy training and practice that surrounds a high school player’s life.

How do Footsteps socks affect your game on and off the court?

Footsteps socks help my game by providing me with fly, comfortable socks that not only feel great and look cool, but also help give back to someone in need in your community. Also, I’ve never had a pair rip, which is a big deal because with all of the cutting and twisting and turning involved in basketball, most socks tear within a few weeks, while my footsteps socks have lasted me months.

Thank you, Cristian, for sharing your experience as a high school athlete both in terms of loving the game and giving back to the community. Footsteps is proud to give you socks needed to excel on the court and hold the same values you showcase within your own local community.

#JoinTheMovement Footsteppers and together lets change this world one sock at a time!