Sending your Freshman to College

Hello students, freshman and soon to be college parents! You may have noticed the past week we have been throwing out tips & tricks- left, right and center. We know the transition back to school is tough, especially if it means transitioning to the ‘real world’ or letting your babies leave the nest. That’s why we wanted to provide our back to school wisdom all in one place. Read on and always remember Footsteps has got your back… Wait no, feet covered!


Tip 1: Teach them how to grocery shop. This may be the first time your freshman has ever gone through the check out at a grocery store by themselves. Schedule a few trial runs to teach them about healthy choices and wallet happy prices. They’re going to need all the nutrition (&socks) to get them through this exciting time!

Tip 2: Teach them how to take public transportation. Your freshman may be entering a bigger center and not bringing a car with them. In this case it is important to look over the public transportation options and help them pre plan routes they will take frequently. It also helps to have proper footwear for the commute… But socks work too right?

Tip 3: Warn them about the laundry thief. You know the invisible person that lurks around the laundry machine and steals your socks leaving you with all those one-of… It’s time to give your freshman the heads up… (Hey, we also offer socks on this website too… Just so you know!)

Tip 4: Help your freshman find positive stress outlets. College can get crazy and your freshman may experience a new level of stress. Teach them about positive outlets for this stress such as going for a run or joining a recreation sports league! Showing up with some rocking sock style also helps too!

Tip 5: Send something to let them know you care! Parents, care packages are key to college students! We want to help you out with this each and every month with our gifting feature. We even have an option to send a personalized note that we hand write to really share the joy with your loved ones!

We hope the tips helped and we cannot wait to hear about everyone’s successful transition back this September. Remember, there’s no need to drag your feet back to school because Footsteps has got you covered!