The Steps behind The Movement

Many of you may be wondering “what is this ‘movement’ that we keep asking you to join?” It’s all about SOCKS and the homeless!                            .

In 2013, our founder and CEO Carolyn Colwell, launched a new company called Your City Sports after witnessing first-hand what the homeless and the less fortunate need the most – socks. A simple idea of giving back has flourished into a growing company that prides itself on donating a pair of socks to the homeless for each pair purchased through the company. The company modeled itself around the BUY ONE – GIVE ONE business model and has since donated over 72k pairs of socks!

The lives that have been impacted thanks to the purchases by you guys, the customers, has been incredible and has created this movement to make the world a better place, one step at a time. We wanted to expand the business and get more socks to the homeless, and Footsteps is the tool to do that!

Footsteps is a sock subscription company that creates a new sock design each and every month and ships it to its subscribers at the beginning of each month. What’s the best part? We continue to utilize the BUY ONE – GIVE ONE business model for each pair you buy.

If you’re like us, your schedules are overwhelming and it’s hard to find time in our busy lives to volunteer or give back to our local communities. By signing up, you not only get a great pair of high performance socks but you also do a GREAT thing knowing you made a big moment in somebody else’s life.

A pair of socks may not seem much to you, but the impact that we have seen since starting the company is the driving force why we are continuing to expand the company into the homes of everybody. So stop worrying about being so busy, sign up and feel great knowing you are making an impact in somebody’s life today.