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BUY ONE – GIVE ONE:  The idea behind “Your City Sports,” was conceived in 2013 at an event for the homeless where we learned that Socks were the #1 need for people on the streets.  We wanted to help, but how?

While putting away laundry that night we came up with a plan to get socks to the homeless. Buy One Give One: You buy a pair, and we give one away.

We started with city skyline socks and this evolved into a custom apparel business – creating socks, beanies/toques, and scarves for teams, clubs, schools, business etc. For every item we sell we donate a pair of excellent quality socks to a homeless charity in the community where the purchase was made.

From 2014 to 2016 we donated over 61,000 pairs of socks to homeless charities throughout the USA and Canada! We continue to grow and our goal is to hit 100,000 pairs in 2017.  We’d love to create some gear for you to move us toward that goal!

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One of the things I liked best about working with Carolyn and Your City Sports was that our project touched our students and community in so many ways. First, the purchase of socks allowed our students to show their pride in our school, and helped develop school unity. A lot of our athletes purchased socks to wear with our school uniforms, and our opponents ask us all the time about how we were able to get custom socks made with our school logo on them!

Our ASB officers were able to use the sale of socks as one of our fund-raising projects for the year. Raising money for activities is one of our requirements for school officers, and this was a unique and fun way for them to help with our extracurricular programs.

Finally, the community service opportunity really appealed to our students. There was a great response at our assembly when we were able to show all of the socks that we were donating to help kids and families who are in need. Our students are proud of how they were able to make a direct impact in our community, and our donation was gratefully received by the shelter we selected as our recipient.

Working with Carolyn and Your City Sports was easy–everything was high quality, matched our mascot logo and school colors, and even arrived ahead of schedule! We’re already planning our next project with Your City Sports, and look forward to continuing to associate with such an outstanding company.

Tod Pickett, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Centralia Middle School
This past fall Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club began the task to produce socks for not only the Minor Club but the Junior and Senior Clubs as well. This would require that the design be something that both 5 year olds and adult men would wear–not an easy task to say the least!

But through Your City Sports and Carolyn the idea became a reality! After several mock ups with some back and forth to change the sock until it was exactly what we wanted the Laker sock was born! Carolyn was patient with us thru all these changes and the end result was worth the work.

Thanks to Your City Sports and Carolyn for guiding us thru and producing the perfect sock for our club.

Debbie Heard, Secretary, Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club
After losing an amazing student this past year we were looking for a special way for his legacy to live on. Working with Carolyn and her design staff at Your City Sports was not only easy and quick but so personal. The socks that they created are beautiful and so special. The process was amazing from start to finish and I would highly recommend Your City Sports to anyone looking for specialized, custom work. I really appreciate the personal touch.
Kirsten Smith, Teacher, Clayton Heights Secondary School