The Most Wonderful Pumpkin Pie

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Can you believe it!? AND obviously the most wonderful time of the year NEEDS the most wonderful holiday dessert. That’s why we are sharing our FAVORITE Pumpkin Pie recipe with YOU.

It’s tasty and versatile to suit food intolerances such as gluten. It also is low in sugar so it’s neither overpowering nor bitter! It’s the perfect blend of pumpkin and spice with notes of maple. We promise this pumpkin pie is so good- it is sure to become a family tradition.

Check out the recipe below!

Cheers to holiday parties and Christmas dinners with loved ones! We hope you soak up all the holiday treats and festive moments ahead.

This is the last week to place orders for subscriptions with the Santa Sock  at Footsteps by Your City Sports (guarantee arrival for Christmas is still available). Don`t miss out on this fun and unique gift idea!

Happy Holidays Footsteppers!

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