The Essence of “Time”

Sometimes it is hard to find “time”. Time to go to work, time to get groceries, time to do chores, time to spend with our loved ones, time to sleep, time to volunteer, time to do all the little things that grasp at our attention… But with our limited time, it is important to find balance. Balance in our work and leisure that leaves us refreshed and energized for the tasks ahead.

John, our latest Athlete Profile, speaks about this essence of time and how he finds ways to ensure he can continue doing the activity he loves- mountain biking.

Why did you first start mountain biking? What do you love about it?

I first started mountain biking when I moved to Seattle in 1995, back then I spent most of my time on the road instead of dirt.  Mountain biking makes me feel like a kid again, more than any other sport.  The mountain biking community and trail variety where I live is second to none.  It helps when world-class mountain bike trails are just out your front door!

What is one of your most favorite trails in Washington?

My favorite trail network is Galbraith just outside Bellingham.  Mullet, the Pigs and SST are personal local favorites.  Buck Mountain in Winthrop is also near the top.

How do you make time to get out and explore nature?

We have two youngin’s so it takes some planning.  My 7 year old can ride most of the trails now and sometimes take him with me.  I’m blessed to have an understanding spouse; we have one night of the week set aside for me to go on a group mountain bike ride.  Getting outside to hike, bike and paddle are priorities for us so occasionally mowing the lawn needs to wait an extra day (or two).

Footsteps by YCS donate a pair of socks for every pair sold. How does this identify with you?

People need socks.  Many homeless shelters receive lightly used clothes and some food donations.  We tend to keep our socks until they wear out, don’t we?  Then throw them away full of holes.  Sock donations are often overlooked and they’re the number one need of many homeless shelters.  This is an easy way I can help by purchasing Footsteps socks.

Thank you, John, for sharing some of your favorite trails for our other mountain biking Footsteppers and your experience finding “time” to do the things you and your family loves. Everyone here at Footsteps is happy that we can provide you a way to give back to those in need while providing you with a necessity, socks.

But always remember all of you Footsteppers are the real Superheroes giving back to the community one pair of socks at a time!