The Definition of an “Athlete

Footsteps socks are built with the athlete in mind. We define “athlete” as someone on a physical pursuit to greatness. This pursuit can range from high performance to moderate athleisure. No matter the intensity of your venture, you are an athlete, striving to reach your next Big Moment.

Our latest Athlete Profile, Taylor, encompasses this definition of an “athlete.” Read along as she shares her passion for the sport of running and gives tips that both the high performance and athleisure runner will appreciate.


What are your favorite/main events in track and field?

I typically run the 800, 1600, and 3200.  My favorite event to compete in when it is track season would definitely be the 800! I love working so hard and going so fast through the race; it is definitely a very different type of race than a 5K in cross country! I also enjoy the 4×400 meter relay and the teamwork involved in that race.


Describe the feeling you get when you cross the finish line?

Crossing the finish line is one of the most exhilarating feelings I have ever felt! Sometimes it’s disappointing to not have gone as fast as I had hoped, and sometimes I achieve a Big Moment as I cross the line. Whether or not I raced well, it always brings me joy the moment I cross the finish.  I know I worked hard; I pushed my body to its limit; and I competed alongside other girls who are all doing the same thing as me and who have the same passion and love for running.


Whether running for athleisure purposes in the off season or as a competitive pursuit in season- how do you always keep the running component “fun” or “motivating”?

Sometimes it is really hard to be motivated on runs.  I’ve found that just because you are fast doesn’t mean that it is always super easy to go and push hard every day.  Something that always helps me stay motivated and excited about running is my teammates.  My friends who run with me that are like family because they are the ones who keep me focused and help me dream about what we can do together as a team in the upcoming season.  Running with other people and enjoying good company always makes for a great day!

How do you stay prepared for all your training?

As a runner it is definitely important to be careful in and out of season about what I’m doing.  Besides recovery time after finishing a season, I am always training and upping my mileage every week to strengthen not only my legs but my cardiovascular system as well.  As a runner I watch what I eat and make sure I’m getting good nutrition and a lot of it.  Hydration also ranks at the top of the list.  It is important to have good footwear as well! I need to have shoes that fit my feet right and socks that are comfortable.  Without the right footwear, I become more injury prone and running is much less enjoyable.  This is one reason I really love the No-Show Sock that Footsteps has. They have great cushion and allow my long run to go by comfortably.  


You mentioned you love the No-Show Sock for running, would you recommend to other runners to use Footsteps socks in their ventures?

I would definitely recommend this sock to other runners and competitors.  You will run with comfort and I think it is absolutely incredible how Footsteps donates a pair to the homeless for every pair bought. You can help so many people with Footsteps socks! 

Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your positivity and passion for running with us and the rest of the Footsteps community! We love that no matter who you are, or what level of physical ability you have, you can pull on your Footsteps socks, tie up your shoe laces, and venture out for a run. It is a sport for anyone and everyone, no matter what athlete you may aspire to be!