Looking Beyond the Field

Footsteps was created with two goals in mind: to create the best quality, most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn, and to get socks to the homeless with our Buy One Give One model.  How do you know if your socks are good?  Ask an expert!  So we contacted local sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts and asked them to try our products and give us some feedback.  We loved getting to know these incredible Footsteppers while filming their Athlete Profiles (as seen on our social media), and want to give you a chance to learn more about them too! First up is our soccer player, Hector.  Follow along below as we share our interview with him!











What is soccer for you in your life?

As cliché as it may sound, soccer is my life. Even since I realized my passion and talent for the game every decision made from then on has been made around soccer.  It doesn’t matter what aspect of my life it is school, work, gym schedule, etc. – all are influenced by soccer. At the end of each day every sacrifice and decision made around the game is made due to one of my personal goals: becoming a professional soccer player. In addition, with going pro I hope to give back to the community and place that I was raised in.


In 3 words, describe the feeling when you reach a Big Moment on the field?

Up until this point in my soccer career I have not had a “big or life changing moment.” I believe that my “big moment” will come later on in my career.


What are some tips that you have for other people working toward their own goals on the soccer field?

It doesn’t matter what position or team one is training/playing for, always remember the basic fundamentals of the game. Unless one is just starting to explore or play soccer, any goal one may have cannot be accomplished unless the simple fundamentals and skills are practiced and used. These key skills or fundamentals could be as simple as making the correct runs, maintaining the right field position, talking to your teammates on and off the field, being 90 minute fit, etc.


How does it make you feel to know that you are giving back to others when wearing our Footsteps socks?

To be able to help someone in need while both wearing a product I support and supporting a local company to me is amazing. Even though it is something as small as a pair of socks it makes me feel even better about wearing Foot Steps Socks knowing I am helping someone in need.


What do you like most about Footsteps socks?

Even though I have only been wearing Foot Step Socks, for a short amount of time, I can say without a doubt that they are the softest and most comfortable athletic socks I have ever worn. In addition, between the quality and price, Foot Steps Socks have become my new choice of sock even when I have the option of choosing between Foot Steps and other companies like Nike or Adidas.

Hector thank you so much for sharing your insights with us! We are positive that all of our soccer Footsteppers appreciated that amazing advice. We are so proud to have been able to partner with you and we can’t wait to help carry you to your Big Moment in your soccer career aspirations!

Stay tuned next week as we introduce our next Athlete Profile!