Clubs can benefit in a number of ways when they purchase from Your City Sports.

  1. Your organization will get free exposure and brand recognition as people wear your gear out in the community – even when they’re not actively playing or wearing them for work. We hear this from our customers all the time.
  2. Your teams will be outfitted with socks in color and design choices that will make them stand out. Socks are part of the uniform now….why buy something off-the-shelf that doesn’t complement your team when you can get high quality custom designed socks for less. Whether your organization has 60 players or 6,000 we can develop a plan to meet your needs.
  3. Socks are a great pre- and post-event attire: we’ve designed socks for everything from water polo to weightlifting. Your team will look fantastic walking into the event with matching attire.
  4. Fundraising is a reality in clubs and the parents and families in the neighborhoods where you live are probably tired of the same-old fundraising offerings: chocolates, coupon books, etc. We’ve found that clubs have much more success selling custom apparel that people want to wear…for not much more than the cost of a box of chocolates.
  5. Some clubs use the Buy One Give One program as a service project and as outreach into their own communities. We can help you find a homeless charity….or leave it with us and we’ll use our network to find a needy place in your community.
  6. We broadcast the sock donations through our social media feeds and bring awareness of your club, and the service you’ve provided with the Buy One Give One program

We can make socks, beanies, and scarves for any sport or organization in your school. Send us some information via our Contact Us page or drop us a note at and we’ll send you some information.

Check out our Facebook page to see what we’ve done recently. You can also check our 2016 custom catalog to get some ideas. Those designs in our catalog are just a starting place – please contact us with your ideas.